About bookboxer

I’m not really a boxer, and if I was, I definitely wouldn’t box books. I’m just a one-time Veterinary Medicine student, now studying Neuroscience in the big smoke (London) and hoping to forge my way into science communication.

I love books. I grew up shy and, whenever possible, was to be found under my duvet with a mini-torch and a book, ruining my eyesight. But then something happened, time started going faster, and suddenly I had looming coursework deadlines, work experience, exercise and social soirees over-running my life. Books were sidelined.

But they have made a comeback. I have rediscovered the delights of curling up in bed after a long, day with a cup of sleepy tea and a good book. I’ve found that reading on the tube is an excellent way to fill those empty 20 minute journeys and that, as entertaining as Made in Chelsea is, sometimes a book relaxes you in a way that a flashing screen and blaring voices cannot. So I have reclaimed the book and this blog is my journey through them.

I hope that you enjoy my musings and find my opinions a little helpful. If you agree with my reviews and feel like massaging my ego, please leave a comment. If you disagree, please comment too, I’d love to shoot you down (I joke, of course…I’d love to hear your differing thoughts!)

If you’d be interested in contributing to book boxer please get in contact via twitter or send me an email at daisymcinnerney@gmail.com.


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